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Press Release- Joint 60th Day Independence Celebration 2007

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Lord Karan Bilimoria CBE
Lord Mohammed Sheikh

Founder Patron:
Mr. Arif Choudhary

Lord Rami Ranger CBE

Co - Chairman:
Dr. Ashraf Chohan

Vice Chairman:
Mr. Khalid Ibrahim
Dr. Pradeep Anand

Mr Mobeen Rasheed

Vice President:
Mr. Hardip Singh
Mr Mahendrasinh Jadeja
Mr. Mustafa Mohammed

Secretary General and Spokesperson:
Mr. Nayaz Qazi

Finance Secretary:
Mr. Mohan Khurana

Ms. Teji Singh
Sterling Media Limited 

Mr. Asif Malik
Mr. Bashir Khwaja

Press Release  

Official UK Launch Of The Pakistan India & UKFriendship Forum  on The 8th February 2007 At The House Of Commons

The Pakistan India & UK Friendship Forum was launched on the 8th of February at the House of Commons by the British Parliamentarians. This is the third chapter of the organisation. The first chapter was established in 2003 in Pakistan, followed by the Indian chapter in 2004 and next year it will be established in the UAE. The Forum believes that people to people contact is the way forward.

The very fact that the likes of The Rt. Hon. Keith Vaz MP, The Rt. Hon James Arbuthnot MP, Mr Dominic Grieve MP, Mr Tony McNulty MP, Mr Stephen Pound MP, Lord Dholakia OBE, DL, Lord Karan Bilimoria CBE, Baroness Sandip Verma,Baroness Shreela Flather JP, DLL, FRSA, Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne MEP Sir Gulam Noon MBE, Sir Mohammed Anwar Pervez OBE, Mr Tarique Ghaffur CBE, QPM, Judge Mota Singh, Prof Nat Puri, Dr Avtar Lit, Mr Moni Verma, Mr Fakhruddin Suterwalla, Mr Hardyal S Luther, Mr J S Sachar, Mr T D Wohoura MBE and Mr Ranbir S Suri JP, have lent their names to this Forum as patrons just shows the need for these communities to live in peace and harmony to further community cohesion in Britain and also to further the cause of world peace. In ever increasing world globalization, events taking place thousands of miles away create a ripple effect and these are felt throughout the world, but considerably so in Britain where  two British Asian communities live in large numbers. Therefore, it is imperative for all the communities to work hard for the success of Britain regardless of their ethnic origin, colour or religion if we are to enjoy community cohesion. The Forum represents a reflection and the feelings of a growing number of people from both the countries. There is a great deal more in common between the two communities who always lived together for centuries before it was decided for them in 1947, when they became independent from

Britain, that they should have separate homes. Unfortunately for 60 years they have not enjoyed cordial relations with each other. The aim of the Forum is to bring about direct contact between the people in order to promote friendship and harmony between these two large British communities who are settled here in considerable numbers. If these two communities start to cooperate with each other, their relationship will be felt in every walk of British life. They will also leave a legacy for the next generation which they will be rightly proud of.

The Forum believes that their countries face three issues. Two are easy and the third difficult. The easy issues are trade and tourism and the difficult one, Kashmir. If their respective governments can deal with the easy matters first, then the difficult question of Kashmir will automatically become easier to solve. The destinies of the two countries are interlinked with each other and one cannot progress without the other. When they start trading goods, they will stop trading bullets. The example of the EU is before them to follow for the good of their people.

When prosperity reigns and the peace dividend descends on these two countries, they will not have to keep large armies which are a drain on their resources. There will also not be a battleground for super powers that always divide and rule and thirdly with prosperity in both countries, the people of Kashmir will undoubtedly enjoy better living standards, security and peace.

When Pakistan and India catch a cold, their communities in Britain sneeze. This organization is neither political nor religious but is based is social and cultural commonalities and aims to celebrate what unites them. People to people contact always helps eliminate suspicions and misapprehensions that may exist between the two communities.

The Forum will celebrate a joint Independence Day every year on the 16th of August at a top London venue so that people from both the countries can look ahead and celebrate each others nationhood. The Forum will also invite prominent artists from both countries to demonstrate that they have common culture and heritage which the citizens of both nations can enjoy like their own in perfect harmony.


Please Click HERE for MEDIA COVERAGE of the event.

Welcome address by the Rt. Hon Keith Vaz MP (Middle) with (Left to Right) Dr Ashraf Chohan, General Secretary of the Pakistan India Friendship Forum, Mr Dominic Grieve MP, Lord Dholakia OBE, DL,
Dr Rami Ranger, MBE, FRSA. Chairman of the Forum

Guests At The Function

Mr Arif Choudhary (centre) with (Left to Right) Mr Ramesh Klair,
Mr Surjit Sandhu, Mr Rajinder Singh Mokha and guests.

Mr Arif Choudhary, Founder Patron of The Pakistan India Friendship Society 

Lord Dholakia OBE, DL and Baroness Sandip Verma Addressing the Guests

Mr Dominic Grieve MP Addressing the Guests

Sir Gulam Noon Addressing The Guests

Mr Tony McNulty MP

Mrs Kamal Hothi, Asian Markets Director of Lloyds TSB Sponsor of the Event.

Ms Diana Brightmore Armour – Managing Director Corporate Markets, Lloyds TSB

The Rt Hon James Arbuthnot MP

Mr. David Lidington MP

Lord Karan Bilimoria CBE, DL

Mr Tarique Ghaffur, CBE, QPM, Assistant Commissioner of Police

Mr Moni Verma, Chairman, Veetee Rice Ltd

Mr Ranbir Suri JP, Chairman, British Asian Conservative Link

Mr J S Sacher, Editor, Asian Who’s Who

Mr Hardyal S Luther, President, India International Foundation

Mr Nazir Lodhi Presenting the Messenger Of Peace Award to Rami Ranger, standing with Executive Member

Mr Tariq Choudhary, Vice Chariman of the Forum Addressing the Guests

Mr Saleem Shaikh, President of The Pakistan India Friendship Forum UK gives the vote of thanks